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Foreign exchange

Purchase and sale of currency HOURS: from 10 am. Up to 16 hours.
Can be made IN CASH with no limit of amount for residents (the ceiling of US $ 2,500 per month was eliminated)
Depending on the client's preference, it can also be made by transferring a checking or savings account or by check, provided that it is an account where it appears as a holder or co-owner.
We buy and sell currencies of the main countries of the world, mainly Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Swedish and Danish Krones, Yen, Canadian Dollar, Reals, Chilean Pesos and Uruguayan Pesos.

Purchase and sale of gold in bars or amonedado

Purchase and sale of coins and gold bars with Swiss certificate. The most commercial coins are the Mexican Gold, Kruggerrand, Chilean gold and pound sterling that appear valued and updated on this page. Other currencies consult. To be able to buy gold you must request prior authorization from the AFIP.

• Checks
Foreign exchange rates
Purchase of checks in dollars, Swiss francs and US dollars.
Checking Classes

● Giro Bancario, are those issued by a bank are easy to market, to this group belong the payment of pensions and pensions, tax refunds to travelers, payments for services abroad, fees charged through payment services .

● Personal checks, accepted by the signatory client directly. The House reserves the right to take them.
Travelers Travelers are used by the traveler to travel to other countries. They take the holders with passport and it is convenient to show purchase certificate. They are signed in the presence of an operator. Commission: US $ 10 per check.

• International transfers (wire transfers)
This group includes the sending of money from one bank account to another. In order for this procedure to be used, it is necessary to comply with different rules of origin of the money and the destination of the funds. In a personalized way we will inform those interested. This method is the safest and fastest, it is suggested to use it in amounts higher than 2000 dollars.

● For payment of services, professional fees etc.
● For payment or collection of software.
● Any other service
Consultation is required.

• Conference rooms
For all the transactions we offer rooms where the client can carry out its operation mainly in deeds for purchase or sale of properties. With a simple phone call we will reserve your space so that you can make your foreign exchange transaction and the signing of the script with all comfort. The service includes a review of the money and use of the room at no cost.

• Fast Money Transfer (Suspended Service). The service is replaced by shipments to foreign bank accounts in the name of the resident in the foreign country.
Mr. / Mrs. Client:

Our Entity has a service of Attention to Users of Financial Services so that you make consultations and presentations in reference to the services that we offer. Responsible:

TANDIL: San Martin 698. CP: B7000GKN
E-mail: Telephone / Fax: (249) 443-1838 / 39

You can make your inquiry or claim in person at the addresses indicated, by telephone, by email or by sending a certified letter. Our Entity has a maximum term of 20 working days to solve them definitively.

For more details of this service and its procedure consult on our website:

In case of disagreement or lack of response with the resolutions that our Entity adopts, you can go to B.C.R.A.

B.C.R.A: Financial Services Users Attention Center

Toll Free: 0800-999-6663
Direct: (011) 4348-3775

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